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Guinea Pigs

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Written by Richard   
Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Guinea pigs like to run around and get plenty of exercise. Keeping them locked up in the hutch means they can get bored and unhealthy. Some guinea pigs are lucky enough to run around the garden, but this is not always possible. There are plenty of runs and arks available from good pet shops that allow pigs freedom to run around, but also give shelter from the elements.

Either way, you need to ensure the pigs are safe from dogs and cats (and in some countries snakes and birds). Guinea pigs don’t climb, but they will find their way out if the fence has holes or is broken.

Letting pigs running around is good value, as they will help to keep the grass down and will also clear up weeds, leaves and other garden rubbish. You do need to check that there are no poisonous plants in the garden, and you should also remove any litter, as it is likely that curious or hungry pigs will nibble to see what it is.

If you allow your pigs out long enough, you will find most of your plants have been either sawn off or stripped of leaves up to about a foot high (about as far as a pig can reach). Valuable or loved plants need to be protected, as your pigs will almost certainly make a beeline for your favourite. You can protect them with plastic bottles cut to fit, but pigs are clever and may work out a way round the best defences.

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